How it Works


Ship your bats to one of our three private labs for analysis.


Our proprietary system ranks your bats by expected exit velocity (specific to your swing).


You get an exit velocity boost by only swinging your highest performing bats.

The Formula

Discover an inefficiency: NO TWO BATS ARE THE SAME

Identically labeled bats do not perform the same because no two pieces of wood are the same. The discrepancy ranges from 6-18ft of batted ball distance in one shipment of bats and even more when you compare shipments over the course of a season because no two pieces of wood are the same.


Quantify the Findings: The RIPz® Metric

We built our own high precision bat analysis laboratory that can detect these tiny discrepancies from bat-to-bat. We then conducted performance testing with dozens of MLB hitters to prove that our proprietary RIPz® metric accurately quantifies the performance potential of individual bats.

Convert it to a Performance Advantage: Identify the Gamers

Armed with the exact RIPz® score for each of your bats, finding your absolute optimal bat becomes simple. Anytime you get new bats, LongBall Labs analyzes them and provides the RIPz® score for each bat so you know EXACTLY what you are swinging.

Notable Numbers


The average shipment of bats to an MLB hitter has an average performance variability of 12 ft.


More than 2,000 MLB clients' bats have been analyzed by LongBall Labs since the company's start.


In the 2022 MLB Regular Season, LongBall Labs proprietary technology converted 48 flyouts into homeruns. As wild as that sounds, these 48 balls would have been warning track flyouts had the hitters been swinging less optimal bats from their inventory.


The number of active LongBall Labs clients that played in the 2022 ALDS